We are now an international organization!

We are now an International Organization!

I moved to Puerto Peñasco for several reasons, but one reason was a paramount in my mind:

to work with orphans at the Esperanza Children’s home, a great place with top notch management and a great support base. I was encouraged to work with this place from an old karate friend of mine, Arnold Aguirre. Arnold and his corvette club have done amazing work to improve this place for many years. After one year in Peñasco, I’m still striving to work with the Orphanage. We have all seen amazing changes and enjoyment as a result of these karate programs.

My local church has a fantastic program for special needs children; I have approached my church pastor and the head of their special needs program about implementing a karate program for these young ones. The suggestion was to begin by volunteering with equine therapy. This entails leading the kids on horseback at a walk, down to the beach. I wish everyone could experience the joy these people feel and the courage they must have to get on a horse. They ride without a saddle, just a blanket. My experiences with this form of therapy, as well as swimming, has become something I love very much. Unfortunately, due to a myriad of circumstances, there has not been a way to yet start a karate program. As I have been  on this journey, I have come to the conclusion that the “thing” I was missing was a location. I needed a place where the orphans could come for training, a place where I could teach the special needs population, and serve as an outreach to many impoverished children: a place to learn the great lessons and life skills karate teaches. In so many ways, this is overwhelming. There are so many children in need and so few resources; however,  I found a spot. Beginning October 1st, I will offer Wado Karate Classes, twice a week.

I am excited about this and the many opportunities it offers me to improve lives through Wado Karate in my new community. I’m also excited to host anyone from our dojos by offering a dojo to train in when they visit Peñasco, and the opportunity for friendships between our countries and dojos.

Mexico is welcoming their newest Dojo, Peñasco Wado Karate.

Take a look at my website and see all that we are doing. www.RSVPMEX.com.

Sensei Marlon