Teaching Philosophy and Presentation of this Karate Program

School Motto: “We Teach the Ancient Ways to the Modern World.”


This is a traditional Karate school, which means we have a long martial art history with an old and proven training system. This system has an unbroken instructor line that dates back to the 17th century. The teachings of this art are based on discipline, high technical level, philosophy, and effort. In these aspects, Chandler Martial Arts Center is very different from many schools that are based on entertainment and quick rewards. Training based on a traditional karate system offers a student something to be proud of – in a humble way, of course!

The manner in which we present traditional karate training is truly unique in that, although, we run an old and formal program, we do smile and enjoy ourselves. However, we do have age and time requirements like the old systems. It is only logical that age and maturity should be required for legitimate ranks in Karate.

We hold to the belief that we are all students of the art. Therefore, we do not put our instructors on pedestals. We expect them to be friends with all of our students and mentors to the younger students. We know their respect is to be earned and not to be demanded. We present and discuss martial art history and philosophy, but never lectured. Martial art training is an honorable way of life.

 – Chandler Martial Arts Center Staff