Bushido / L.E.A.D.

Leadership Exploration and Development

“Mentoring tomorrow’s leaders, today.”


With the world becoming increasingly chaotic by the moment our youth, more than ever require the acquisition of life changing skills, such as confidence, perseverance, intuitiveness, emotional strength, focus, discipline, along with the ability to lead others. They need to be able to lead, envision the future, understand the human condition and the importance of giving back to mankind. Their success and that of our society depends on the development of these skills.


Our mission is to teach and mentor our youth to become future leaders and more successful members of society. Theses skills are developed and honed through the combination of sound moral code and the practical application of hands on leadership training; teaching. With the proper mentoring, our youth learn how to successfully lead people while improving themselves as productive citizens.


The L.E.A.D. program, Leadership Exploration and Development, serves the purpose to further nurture these skills. Qualified individuals will be given the tools to grow into strong leaders through hard work, high standards, and failure.


L.E.A.D. participants are separated into three groups;

  • Apprentice – Red gi top
  • Assistant – Black gi top
  • Elite – White gi top

Each group is given skills and responsibilities necessary to their growth. In order to advance from one tier to the next, the chief instructor, along with an advisory board, will watch their development and decide when they are ready to graduate. Participants of the L.E.A.D. program will commit to at least one class per week as well as attend monthly meetings. They also must maintain their own martial arts training.


  • Apprentice – $35 per month
  • Assistant – $35 per month
  • Elite – Paid stipend


  • Minimum 9 years of age and a solid green belt (6th kyu)
  • Complete application and receive approval from the chief instructor
  • Attend monthly L.E.A.D. meetings
  • Commit to at least one class per week (more is encouraged)
  • Maintain current martial arts training

For more information, please contact Sensei Atisa Vargas at avargas@cmacus.com.