Let Them Be Young

               Let them be Young
               by Ray Hughes
Now that karate has been accepted into the 2020 Olympics, the old argument resurfaces- “one should only train for mental and physical improvement and not for glory.”

Though I completely believe in this philosophy, I can understand the desire of young practitioners who aspire to compete in the Olympics.

Being a philosophical instructor, I know the battle is within. Our ego is what needs to be suppressed. What could be more egocentrically driven than training and competing for Olympic gold?


But is it fair to expect young people to think and act like old people?
All of us, regardless of age, are striving to be wise. But age and experience directly impacts the development of wisdom. So how can we judge young people who are in the process of living and learning? And if some of us old people where fortunate to develop some wisdom, didn’t it come from the experiences we encountered when we were young?
The point is, though it is important for young people to do their best to be wise, let them be young. Let them try to accomplish things that require youth. As we all know, youth is fleeting. It is not here very long.
Allow our youth, those who desire to compete at the Olympic level their due; they will have plenty of time to get old and wise. Just maybe their Olympic experience can positively affect the wisdom of future young practitioners.