CMAC – Quarantine Extension Letter #8 Is the End in Sight?

Dear Chandler Martial Artists,

We are beginning the eighth week of quarantine and I am so impressed with how well everyone is doing!  We had a dojo game night this weekend to replace our Second Inner-Dojo Tournament which had to be postponed due to the national health concerns and I was so completely shocked at the amount of participation!  This dojo is alive and well and I am once again totally humbled to be a part of such a dynamic and amazing group of people!

However, as we hinted in last week’s letter, the end is in sight!  It is so exciting!  The official ban on small businesses and gyms expires by the end of next week.. which means unless the governor changes any of his executive order, we could be back in the dojo in some small way by the third week of May!

We are researching the safest way to reengage and will be unrolling the plan as that date nears.  But I for one cannot wait to see everyone’s happy, healthy, and smiling faces as soon as I possibly can!  I miss everyone for sure.  And there are so many fun training ideas that require our training facility to learn… Seriously.I.Can.Not.Wait.  We are almost there!

But until then, please continue to enjoy Band Live Stream Classes!  And continue to look for ZOOM small group classes for clubs and teams.

Remember, we will have a Quarantine Spirit Winner when this is all over.  To qualify, all you have to do is complete each of the dojo games before we return to the dojo.  It does not have to be done on time, just completed at some point.  Obviously, some games cannot be completely at this point, like Dojo Game night, but almost everything else can be completed independently.  So give it a try.. I cannot wait to announce our Quarantine Spirit Winner at our next belt ceremony! 

Keep training hard.  Look for ways to speak love, encouragement, and strength of spirit into the lives around you.. especially inside your homes.  And remember, to speak this wisdom means you must model it as well.  Inspire by demonstrating.  Patience can run thin when you spend eight weeks living on top of one another.. this is the best place to exercise your Mind of Patience.  Patience is concentrated strength.  Show your strength by remaining calm in the face of stress. Patience is easier to practice when its folded in a blanket of love.  Be Strong, CMAC! 


Atisa Vargas and Kelley Hutta

Chandler Martial Arts Center