CMAC – Quarantine Extension Letter #7

Dear Chandler Martial Artists, 

We made it to the final week of our state’s reccomended shelter-in-place order!  We should see this week what our Governor’s recommendations will be going forward into May.  But I would like to take a moment to congratulate all of us on having successfully weathered these last two months!  This was not easy on any of us.  But we have kept our dojo together socially while insuring that the business aspect of our club was able to meet its most basic of obligations.  And honestly, this is the most important thing for us to do civilly as a club- maintain our place in our community.  To have done this, we have all sacrificed and held to our commitments despite the fact that many of our own lives were radically disrupted by losses of jobs and other opportunities causing increased financial burdens.  For others, our health significantly was affected.  We had members of our community struck hard by this novel virus and others become separated and isolated which has taken a toll on our overall emotional, mental, and physical health.  In summary, this has been a scary time for our dojo, but we met this obstacle, this new and unexpected foe, with patience and long suffering resistance and we have made it to this point.  It is worth pausing, reflecting, and celebrating what we have done here this spring:  its a different type of kumite and we made it.  I, for one, am proud of us.

But there are new questions to consider as we wait for our Governor.  This virus is not yet defeated.  There are no vaccines as of yet.  How will we handle this new flu as a people?  What do we want to do as a dojo to protect ourselves and others?  The situation is dynamic.  Colds and flus run through our community all the time and we run this risk of encountering these anytime we engage in life.  But this is a little worse than a normal cold or flu.  We are still debating scientifically how much worse it is as we are still gathering this sort of data.  And yet, we cannot just sit paused in life for a year or more as the data is collected, evaluated, and debated.  Life begs to be lived! —And lived boldly! — Not cowering in fear.  We need to map a way forward that is both responsible and reasonable.

The CMAC leadership has been hard at work determining possible ways to move forward so that when new recommendations are prescribed, we will be ready and eager to implement.  We are continuing to research and evaluate the most responsible course of action to keep our dojo healthy and strong.  Each and every member of CMAC matters and is treasured in our dojo.  We see you as precious and important.  Our lives overlap and intersect for this season and it is a gift: we are grateful for each moment Life provides and do not take it for granted.  As we continue to move forward in all of this, Sensei Atisa and I, along with all other CMAC instructors, want to assure you that both your safety and your training are the center of our focus at this time.  Thank you for your patience and dedication. 

Classes will resume to Live Stream on Band this week. Look for other opportunities to take more ZOOM classes as the week unfolds.  All classes will be posted as they usually have been in the past.  Congratulations to all our big winners in last week’s ZOOM Class Challenge!  Evan Corbin was the overall champion!  He attended every possible class he could- sometimes taking 2-3 classes in one day!  His enthusiasm and commitment was absolutely inspiring!  Way to be the example and lead, Evan!  Sensei Bill and Joshua-San were our second place winners.. they both took multiple classes in each day as well.  Both have been so dedicated to their studies and eager to help others even in our separated states.  We wanted to honorably mention Nico and Emilio too.  Thank you for going out of your ways to be a part of CMAC Zoom!  And thank you to everyone who continued your training on our Live Stream- we saw your activity as well!  Way to go!  Way to keep training without the shot of much needed social engagement – you guys did so good to keep moving forward and train as usual! It is so impressive to see such self control and self discipline in our dojo- Living out Precepts #2 and #3 especially!  The state of CMAC is strong and courageous- Way to Go CMAC!


Atisa Vargas and Kelley Hutta

Chandler Martial Arts Center