CMAC – Quarantine Extension Letter #5

Dear Chandler Martial Arts Center Students, 

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend! Happy Passover and Happy Easter! May the next few weeks of this joyful season be a blessing on all of us.  To those among us who observed this Lenten Season: He is Risen! Enjoy the breaking of the fast!  And to those who remembered the Passover: May you have successfully found the Afikomen! 

It’s Sunday night and time for our weekly quarantine update.  It looks like we are facing another week of online training as the Arizona Governor has yet to lift the stay at home order.  So we have another crazy week of online training! 

To keep spirits high and energy focused- we have a new challenge to everyone: our first ever Virtual Inner Dojo Team Kata Tournament!! You read that right!! Make up your own kata- teach it to your household and then post a video of your team kata to the band Chandler Chat!! Voting will be dojo-wide after Family Class on Saturday morning— and the winner will have  Crumbl Cookies delivered to their front door that weekend!!! No joke! Who doesn’t want a fun treat like that during this celebration season? 

So start creating your kata and get your family involved! I can’t wait to see what we can do when we have fun and be silly. May the best team win;-)

Happy Easter,

Atisa Vargas and Kelley Hutta

Chandler Martial Arts Center



We did a good job reaching out and being kind to those not well connected this week. Let’s keep it up! Reach again!  Make a difference by being the difference!

CMAC STRONG! 💪🏽 🥋 💪🏽