CMAC – Quarantine Extension Letter #4

Dear Chandler Martial Arts Students, 

Yes.. our weekly letter extending quarantine is here again.  I write this, fully thinking of the most amazing letter I will get to write one day.. the letter that announces we are back!   I quite literally CAN. NOT. WAIT!  It will be the most amazing day! But again, in the name of civic duty and loving concern for you, our martial arts family, we will do the hard thing and suspend classes in the actual dojo for another week.  

But the good news?  Not only are we continuing all of our classes online… we are ADDING classes to our schedule!  No joke!  We have added new amazing members to our community during this time.. growing our family.. which is miraculous and such a blessing! But we are also growing our value to you!  It is such an exciting time to be a part of CMAC!

Look for our new Self Protection class this Tuesday night.  This is a class designed for both the martial artist as well as any non-fighters in our community.. anyone desperate to know how to defend themselves when they find themselves in a dangerous or volatile situation where they are vulnerable.  This is excellent training for anyone!  Especially now.. when people are nervous and afraid and our communities seem to be getting more and more selfish and isolated.  So much of a bad situation is won or lost in the very first initial moment.  Learn how to control your adrenaline, thoughts, and even your own marital arts training in that instant.  Taught by our own Sensei Kelly Chipman, this class will not be about traditions or formality and will be ideal for anyone that has never trained before- as well as the experienced martial artist.  Definitely, check it out!

Look for other fun classes added into our curriculum this week as we continue to work to serve you and offer you the very best training available.  You have an amazing team working tirelessly to support and lift you during this time.  It is an honor and privilege for each of them.  While all this is being done to keep you engaged and connected.. do not forget to think of those around you that may need some contact as well.  Times like this can be devastating to those less plugged into community.  We are so blessed to have one another, but think of those on the fringe of your circles that may need a text or a note… reach out to those in emotional need this week.  Let’s make it a focus as a team— as a dojo— to open our eyes to those around us that may need a call or a text from a friend.  We can make a difference if we are intentional!  We may have to be isolated but we should not be alone.  It takes only a few seconds to spread cheer and it could make a world of difference for someone. Just another way to live out our Wado Precepts by exercising Courtesy and Effort and Patience while sharing Truth! 

I am so proud to be a part of such a wonderful dojo.  Please keep making a difference where you are and we will train together later this week!  Until then, 

Atisa Vargas and Kelley Hutta

Chandler Martial Arts Center