CMAC – Quarantine Extension Letter #2

Dear Chandler MAC Students,

We are so grateful to all of you that keep participating and engaging with us via our band app.  Each note, photo, and comment makes us stronger and encourages all of us!  So thank you.  After reviewing the recommendations of the CDC and our civic leaders, it is clear that the responsible decision is to continue practicing our art in our virtual training classes.  Obviously, we would all rather be together as a community, but we are being asked to stay put and grow in these uncharted and uncomfortable waters.  We are separated but together.  We are strong.

We will continue to provide innovative ways to train from home!  We have a dynamic group of leaders that are working together to generate unique ways of keeping us in-shape and progressing forward in our karate skills, physical conditioning, and strength training.  We are indebted to their creative leadership and dedication to us, the student body.  

Never underestimate the importance of physical, mental, and spiritual training.. so much of the fight is won and lost in how we approach the obstacle before us —no matter what or who it is.  (And more times then not, we are the Who in our own way;-)  Stay mentally strong; focused on perfecting patience and living in Truth… while staying spiritually calm, peaceful, and self controlled.  Never give up— keep pressing forward and trying hard! Speak and act politely in the face of all that’s happening around us! Don’t give in to fear and selfishness.. keep our communities healthy by being a leader:  Be the excellent example of peace, patience, and courtesy our nation needs!  You are significant and have influence.  Use it to share good around you!  As Sensei Ray repeatedly reminds us: “Karate training comes in many forms: this is just one of them!”

We are an impressive dojo- small but mighty!  We make a difference.  Keep training and we cannot wait to have the luxury to train with you again in person…until then, we will see you in our chat groups and in the next live lesson.  Keep logged into CMAC Band for the most up-to-date announcements, classes, and related karate information:  

Monday Teen/Adult Live Stream Class at 6:00 PM

Monday Advanced Class via Advanced Chat at 7PM – invitation only


Atisa Vargas and Kelley Hutta

Chandler Martial Arts Center