CMAC – LAST Quarantine Extension Letter! #9

Dear Chandler Martial Artist, 

This is our ninth extension letter.  Can you believe it?  I am shocked.  I never thought this quarantine would last this long.  And yet, our civic struggle is far from over.  This virus is not defeated.  But we are stronger: we have not been  reactive—we have been proactive and wise every step through this confusion.  We have stayed centered on our bushido training: calm in confusion.  We voluntarily closed our doors before the state mandate because it was the right thing to do.  We transferred our whole school to a virtual platform and then we all fought hard as a community to keep everything running as smoothly and as “normally” as we could.  We continued engaging socially as well as technically to keep our mental and physical health strong.  We have lifted one another and we have banded together – growing ever stronger during this time.

We also spent evenings bleaching our whole dojo so that every surface would be clean weeks before we were to even think of returning… and we plan to re-bleach every surface again before opening our doors in an effort to be proactive and disciplined.  This is motivated out of love for you, the school.  Our thanks to Amanda, Aiden, and Mandy and their whole family who stepped up and helped clean last time.  They witnessed our efforts and stepped up and engaged out of a sense of duty and honor and they were never properly thanked for that sacrifice.  Many of their family members that helped were not even members of our school!  But they felt sense of belonging to the community anyway.  Their leadership was such an encouragement to all of us.  Thank you.

God willing, this is our last official week of quarantine.  The ban on gyms should lift this Friday, May 15th.  We must now decided how to proceed forward in our training.  It seems wise to be slow and cautious as we open our doors.  Classes will continue be held virtually on Saturday, May 16th.  But we will be filming from the the dojo for the first time in a few months!  So that will be exciting.  To be clear, we will not be hosting students on Saturday.. but filming from the dojo for our virtual Saturday Live Stream.

We plan to soft open on Monday, May 18th.  We will do a virtual belt stripe class that afternoon on zoom as usual.  But then we will be doing a slow open for the Teen/Adult class at 6PM.  The dojo is a little more than 54 feet long.. which means we can have one row of 7 people there each six feet apart.  We will post a sign up for the first 7 people that would like to train on the mats that day.. the dojo will be closed to anyone else.  We will live stream the class on Band for everyone who can not participate in person to view and train accordingly.  The same will apply for the following Advanced Class at 7PM.  We will be ending class 15 minutes early to bleach the surfaces and allow for safe transitions between classes.  All dojo participates will be required to wear a two layer face mask for this first week.  So please plan accordingly… take time to determine how you will make/buy your mask. 

After classes on Monday, Sensei Atisa and I will write another letter on Band outlining how the evening went.. and what we can look forward to for Tuesday and the rest of the week.  Let’s just try to engage slowly and wisely this first day.  Thank you everyone for your patience and your commitment.  Your dedication and encouragement has been truly inspiring these last 56 days.  And our dojo family will  get through this together for sure.  Please reach out VIA chat with any concerns and struggles you may be having.  We will take care of each other the best we can.


Atisa Vargas & Kelley Hutta

Chandler Martial Arts Center