CMAC – Back in the Dojo Letter #5: Photo Shoots & Belt Ceremonies!

Dear Chandler Martial Artists,

We are cruising through summer!! Classes are opened and filling up each week!  I really encourage you to come check it out!  We are safely distanced and enjoying all the benefits of working out together: endorphins, camaraderie, and accountability!  

Things on the horizon to be looking for: 

  1. We are looking at starting an early Saturday Morning Female-Only Workout Class.. no gi.. just fun, fitness, and maybe some self defense! Anyone interested in this class – no karate skills needed to come workout out!  This is a private space to sweat where no-one will see- let us know if you would be interested in getting in shape with us on Saturday mornings! 
  2. CMAC Photo Shoot!  We need some pictures of just us for us!   We would like to have some karate models for a fun photo shoot.  We need Chandler to represent Chandler! If you can join us this Saturday from 9-10AM to help with some creative pictures, we would be SOO grateful!
  3. Kumite Class is coming back!!! Drills only.. no contact!  Look for this class to be re-introduced this week on Tuesday night!  Sign-Up on Band!
  4. BELT CEREMONY!! For March’s Ceremony as well as June’s!  If you have not yet received your rank.. please sign-up to attend June 22nd Belt Ceremony at 5PM! Let us know you are coming by reserving your spot!  All are welcomed:)

So many things happening.. Chandler is the place to be for fun, sweat, and skills.  Thank you for making our dojo one of the most vibrant places to train this summer.  We are proud to kicking it with you! 


Atisa Vargas & Kelley Hutta

Chandler Martial Arts Center