CMAC – Back in the Dojo Letter #4: Belt Test Week!

Dear Chandler Martial Artists,

It is Belt Test week!  We are so excited to be hosting our first test since quarantine!  We really wanted to honor those dedicated students that diligently trained over the last 75 days.  Their steadfastness, discipline, and commitment epitomizes the true spirit of the warrior.  They trained in less than ideal circumstances, making the best of what tools and space they had.  It is so impressive to see these karate-ka get to test.   I am sure we all wish them the best.  I certainly do.

There have been so many changes to our dojo in the last few months, especially in how we are sterilizing the dojo.  We have enthusiastically adjusted how we keep our facility clean in order to ensure the safety of our students, parents, and teachers:  

        1. We are cleaning our mats after each and every class with a bleach solution based on the guidelines of the CDC.  
        2. We are also cleaning off all the hard surfaces of the dojo every evening at the close of training. 
        3. In addition to all this, Sensei Atisa and I have divided the cleaning duties of the bathroom to ensure it is as clean as possible for any patron to use.  
        4. Our Brown Belts, Bushido/Lead Club members, and Competition Team members are also doing all they can to keep our floors and mirrors and windows fresh and clean. 

In short, your dojo is rising up to make sure our facility is as safe as we can make it!  Come check it out!

Also, just a reminder!  Belt Stripe Zoom Call will continue to be held on Saturday mornings at 10:30!  Please feel free to join in and continue to progress in your learning! Information on Band.

Saturday Classes are so fun! Come join in!  Each student is separated by 6 feet in all directions and given 9 square feet of space to work out in! We totally bust it— doing our famous Karate / Tabata Class followed by a killer marathon of kata! Students are welcomed to stay after and check out our new Flexibility, Strength & Conditioning Class which we have implemented in place of Comp-Team until our tournaments resume!  It is an excellent way to burn off the Quarantine Kilo :). No gi necessary and music is included.   

Speaking of new classes requiring no gi, check out:  Self Protection on Tuesday nights now at 7:00 PM!


Atisa Vargas & Kelley Hutta

Chandler Martial Arts Center