School History


Sensei Marlon Moore opened one of Arizona’s oldest karate schools under the original name of Arizona Wado Karate. The school originally was located in Mesa though it moved several times during the following decades in the Mesa, Tempe, Chandler area.

In the mid-80s

Sensei Moore came down with a debilitating illness and turned over operations to his senior student, Ray Hughes. While managing the operations of the school, Ray started a second school in Scottsdale and operated both programs until his return.  The Arizona Wado Karate Association was formed at that time to maintain curriculum standards within both schools.


Sensei Moore semi-retired to Puerto Penasco and turned over all operations again to Sensei Ray Hughes.  Sensei Moore still teaches seminars, participates on all belt exam boards, and sits on the Board of Directors.


After years of expanding services to its students, the Board of Directors decided to change the school’s name to Chandler Martial Arts Center, Inc. It was felt this name would better reflect its services to the general public.


Chandler Martial Arts Center operates as the oldest Martial Arts location in the Chandler area.

Sensei Moore continues leading this organization and guides the Board of Directors as its Founder. He provides vision, philosophy, and advises on curriculum and operations.