Ray Hughes

Owner: Scottsdale Martial Arts Center
USA Karate Arizona
Arizona Wado Karate Association
Editor: Karate; History, Philosophy, and Events (an international Newsletter)
Board Member: USA Karate Governance Board
PKF Judge: Pan American Karate Federation Judge Kata & Kumite


Ray Hughes is the owner of Scottsdale Martial Arts Center, Inc. (SMAC) with a membership of around 300 members. SMAC is the oldest and largest martial arts school in Scottsdale, Arizona which he started in 1986. He is the President of both USA Karate Arizona ASO and Arizona Wado, member on the Governance Board of USA Karate, editor of both the monthly international newsletter “Karate: Philosophy, History, & Events” and the USA Karate Arizona ASO newsletter.

Mr. Hughes started training in Wado karate in 1976 under the instruction of Sensei Marlon Moore in Mesa, Arizona. He went full time karate in 1986 and built his own dojo in 2002.

Ray Hughes holds dan (black belt) ranks in Wado Ryu (4th), JKF Wado Kai (5th), USNKF (6th), 6th dan awarded by the late Dan Ivan, and 7th dan from USA Karate-do KyoKai with Sensei Chuck Merriman, Sensei Lee Gray, and Sensei Robert Hunt on the testing board.

Mr. Hughes had an extensive competition career that covered the 70’s through the 2000’s. In addition to numerous local and regional competition championships, Ray competed on 5 USA Karate Teams, two that won gold and one that won silver. His highlight year was in 1986 where he was voted outstanding competitor at the Osawa Traditional Karate Championships in Las Vegas and awarded a trip to Japan, voted outstanding competitor at the USA Wado Ryu Karate Championships in Utah, and voted school and competitor of the year by USA Wado.

Though Mr. Hughes teaches all age groups and skill levels, his passion is the positive development of youth through the instruction of traditional martial arts. Ray has formed two nonprofit corporations, USA Karate Arizona ASO and Champions Foundation of Arizona, to further this cause. His mission is to give every child in Arizona the opportunity to learn life skills through the teachings of traditional martial arts. His goal is to drive students who have an interest in the martial arts to a quality school in their area, regardless of style or art.