Marlon Moore

Founder: Arizona Wado Karate Association

  • 8th Degree Black Belt
  • Started training in 1972 under the instruction of Sensei Toshio Osaka in Salt Lake City, Utah, Headquarters for USA Wado Ryu.
  • Moved to Arizona in 1976 and founded the Arizona Wado Karate Association and dojo (school) in Mesa, Arizona. His dojo continues today under the name Chandler Martial Arts Center.
  • In 1979 selected to the United States Karate Team and competed in the World Championships in Tokyo, Japan where the USA Team won the Gold Medal. Sensei Moore was personally undefeated in this tournament.
  • In 1983 selected to the US team to compete against the Canadian National Team. The US Team won the Gold Medal.
  • In 1992 Sensei Moore along with his long-term student Sensei Ray Hughes, worked with Black Belt Magazine and martial arts icon Dan Ivan to produce 5 one-hour tapes on Wado Karate. These tapes are still available today.
  • From 2004-2016, instructed karate seminars and helped established a karate school in the war-torn country of Kosova. Sensei Moore also traveled and taught in Serbia, Greece, and Albania.
  • In 2017 retired to his dream home in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.

Sensei Moore travels to Arizona on a regular basis to sit on Board meetings and participates on both Dan (black belt level) and Kyu (color belt level) belt promotion panels. He also teaches private lessons in both Mexico and Arizona.

Sensei Moore also founded the Christian Martial Arts Association and American Wado Karate (national).

Sensei Moore has trained with many karate masters including; Grand Master Hironori Ohsuka, Tutsuo Suzuki, Toru Arakawa, Jiro Ohsuka, Hiromasa Setamatsu, Seiji Nishamura, Toshio Osaka, Rick Hobusch, Toshio Takahashi, Fumio Demura, Dan Ivan, Osamu Ozawa, Teruo Hayashi, Chuck Merriman, Lee Gray, Seiyu Oyata, Vince Morris, George Dillman, Rick Clark, and many others.