Your issues are in your tissues

Mental and emotional benefits of Yin Yoga.
“Your issues are in your tissues.”
The mental and emotional benefits of yoga are various. It is not uncommon to be in a yoga practice only to find the unsettling feeling of anger, jealousy, or resentment arise from what seems like out of nowhere. The good news is that yoga can help you acknowledge and sort out your difficult feelings—whether they arise on or off the mat.

You bump up against the body and feelings any time you are in a yoga class. And there are times in life when you want to be anywhere except where you are. It’s a natural part of the human experience. And yet, if you can learn to stay with discomfort, the next moment often yields something new and sweet—release, emotional relief, or transitional personal growth. What brings you to the yoga mat over and over is that wonderful feeling of completeness and peace when you stay present with whatever arises during practice, and also when you bring what is present in your daily life to the mat.

Journaling after yoga practice can help you to find clarity in the mire of feeling and emotions. It can feel like talking to a good friend — only that compassionate, wise person on the other side of the dialogue is you. A journaling practice can be done in a form of specific questions and answers. Do whatever works for you.

Combining yoga and journaling can help with self-understanding. Yin yoga, combined with journaling is beneficial for acknowledging, “digesting” and “sorting” emotions that arise for you on and off the yoga mat. This practice includes longer holds of postures (one to three minutes) because that allows space for emotions to bubble to the surface. Consider using the old-fashioned, manual art of putting pen to paper instead of typing your notes—studies show that the mere presence of computers or smartphones alters the way you think.